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Garage Door Springs Repair & Installation Cumming, GA

Replacing old worn out or broken garage door springs is a critical decision that homeowners face to ensure the safety and functionality of their garage doors. Door Doctor Inc. offers a free inspection to help determine the best course of action. 

How do garage door springs function & what is the purpose of a garage door spring:

  • Garage door springs should carry 80%+ of the weight of the door…when the door is in the closed position the springs are “loaded.” As the door opens the springs unload & help to carry the weight of the door…this allows the opener (motor used to open/close the door) to simply put the door in motion…this is the safest & most mechanically sound way to open/close a garage door. 

**Garage Door Springs are very dangerous & should only be replaced or adjusted by a trained professional.**


Types of Garage Door Springs

Torsion springs are the preferred spring assembly.  A torsion spring assembly helps the door to stay balanced in the opening.  A torsion spring is a wound piece of steel that winds & unwinds when the door is in motion. When the door is in the closed position the spring is wound (Loaded). Winding the spring captures the potential energy. As the door opens the spring unwinds (unloads) and releases the stored potential energy.  When the door is closed the spring is fully wound & has a tremendous amount of energy stored in the coils.  When the door is fully opened the springs are “relaxed.” Most doors will have a pair of torsion springs bolted together but on most small single doors one torsion spring is sufficient.


Extension (Stretch) springs: Extension springs are used typically on small single doors &/or when there is a low headroom condition. Extension springs are stretched to capture & store the potential energy needed to open the door.  As the door opens the spring retracts back to its normal length & the springs “relax.” A door with extension springs will sometimes have trouble staying balanced in the opening because the door is independently “sprung” on both sides…the opposite is true on a door with a torsion spring assembly…as a result, the torsion spring assembly is the preferred spring choice for garage doors


Wayne Dalton Torquemaster spring: this is a proprietary spring assembly that functions similar to a traditional torsion spring assembly but is inherently flawed. The springs in a Wayne Dalton torquemaster assembly are not visible.  The springs are inside a tube.  The long skinny springs tend to break prematurely and because they are not visible, it’s difficult for a homeowner to recognize the issue.  The best solution in this case is to simply replace the torquemaster with a traditional torsion spring assembly. The traditional torsion spring assembly is more robust, longer lasting and is easily identifiable if there’s an issue. 

Safety Concerns: Springs under tension can be dangerous. Improper repairs/adjustments can lead to serious bodily injury &/or death.  Improperly adjusted springs can also lead to unnecessary damage to garage doors &/or cause the door to fall out of the tracks.  Contact a professional to have your springs adjusted/replaced.

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